Guided Detox

Juice cleansing at home can be a challenge for the newbie and even for the experienced detoxer. 

You may find it beneficial to have the support and guidance of a skilful practitioner to mentor you through the process. 

An experienced practitioner can be a very valuable resource to safely help you achieve an optimum detox experience that is more tailored to your individual needs.

When we detoxify our body can transition through a range of symptoms both physically and emotionally so being prepared for these symptoms and knowing what to do can help facilitate and ensure a smoother, more enjoyable detox practice.

Amchara Health Retreats (our sister company) have been operating for over 10 years and have supported thousands of people through cleansing and fasting programmes. Our skilled health team are very experienced in guiding people through these processes and if you would like to benefit from having someone mentor you then we can offer a guided detox consultation with our naturopathic health team.  


Created By Amchara's Health Team

We offer 2 types of online consultation:

Guided Cleanse Consultation

Your Guided Cleanse is a 45 minute session on day 1 of your cleanse programme.  

What is covered?

  • Exploration of why you are doing the cleanse and expected outcomes to be achieved
  • Symptoms that may come up and how to deal with those symptoms
  • Coaching through the key challenges that might occur for you or barriers that may present themselves
  • Naturopathic Cleansing Techniques & Environmental Detox Practices

Your guided cleanse consult is £99

Post Cleanse Full Lifestyle Consultation

Your Post Cleanse Full Lifestyle Consultation is 90 a minute session.

This consultation is a full health history and lifestyle plan incorporating your goals, personal tastes and budget for making long term sustainable changes to move forward. A food diary and health systems questionnaire are given to you for completion in advance of the session.

Your post cleanse full lifestyle consult is £180